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Two Special Buys!

Two Special Buys!


Hi-Sun Sector 750
Preorder by August 31st and take delivery for hunting season. 
Heavy-duty front & rear bumpers, gun rack, soft cab enclosure, cab heater, and front basket.
$14,900 or $230 a month 

Sector 550 EPS.jpg

Hi Sun Sector
550 EPS-Special buy through August 31st
$10,900 or $170 a month

Call or Send us a Message for more info!

Sector 250

Sector 550 EPS

Sector 750 EPS Crew

Strike 250R

Tactic 400 2-UP

Tactic 750 EPS 2-UP

Sector 400

Sector 750 EPS

Sector E1

Strike 550R

Tactic 550 2-UP

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